Websites for MRCPsych Candidates

Sites listed in no particular order! The 'last updated' date indicates when the homepage was last updated.


PASSit Online MRCPsych Course (Online Course)

"Pass your Royal College exams first time with PASSit, the new revision service from Oxford University Press. PASSit provides high quality questions with clear, detailed answers and explanations, to make sure the knowledge sinks in. There are tools to track your progress and target your revision, designed to make revision work for you. Give yourself the best chance, and revise with PASSit."

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Psychiatrist: Update Blog

Psychiatrist:Update (Blog/ Website)

A new blog that summarises one article in the latest issue of one journal every day. Currently has over 1,000 followers and you can subscribe to receive daily updates via email.

Seems to be kept up to date with a daily post covering a journal article. Links provided to the article.

Psych Interview

PsychInterview (Online Course)

"The interview skills component (knows how) consists of 56 video interviews by a Consultant Psychiatrist with firsthand experience of MRCPsych and FRANZCP exams. All stations are developed from previous CASC and OSCE exams with varying degrees of complexity, helping you not only to pass the exam but also to excel in clinical practice. Over 600 minutes of video material shows you how to approach each case; be it history taking, consultancy type questions, explanation of a condition, or managing a difficult condition."

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Birmingham Course Online

The Birmingham Course Online (Online Course)

The Birmingham Course stopped offering classroom-based courses in July 2009 and currently offer online courses only. They also provide online mock exams.

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Psych Evidence

Psych Evidence (Online Course)

"Psych Evidence Online brings an exciting, interactive and visually engaging course straight to your home or office, with the opportunity to study and practice in your own time. Designed by psychiatrists with firsthand experience of the MRCPsych exams and extensive experience in teaching critical appraisal; it is the definitive and comprehensive learning centre for evidence based psychiatry and critical appraisal of research."

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PsychScene (Website)

"A one-stop-site for all Psych Scene training initiatives. Whether you are after online revision materials, face-to-face workshops or tailor-made psychiatry exam prep courses, you can find it at Psychscene."

Allied to the PsychInterview online training course.


podcastfortheexam (Podcast/ Website)

Produced by the South East Scotland rotation, this is a podcast series, currently being produced approximately monthly, designed to cover aspects of the Royal college of psychiatrists exams and the curriculum.

Last updated: 16 April 2011

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Psychiatrists (Website)

Up to date exam info, and contact details for people at the college. The results are posted on the site as well. With all the recent changes to the MRCPsych exam, you can get the definitive answers here. Relevant pages include:

Examinations page |Curriculum

Superego Cafe

Superego Cafe (Website and Courses)

A professional-looking site offering revision courses, consultancy, and online courses. Home of the original MRCPsych discussion forum. Sadly, the free resources have long since disappeared. The busy forum remains free (registration required).

Last updated: 27 January 2009.

Psychiatry Online

Psychiatry Online (Website)

A collection of essays and papers by a number of leading authors, hosted by The Priory. Also includes some example MCQs.

Last updated: Not stated. (Copyright notification 2007).

Cambridge Course Website

The Cambridge Course (Courses/ Training Material)

The website of the Cambridge Course, it also has a range of revision resources including lecture notes and information on past exams.

Last updated: Not stated.

The Psychiatric Zone

The Psychiatric Zone (Website)

Contains lots of information on various subjects of interest to candidates, including neuroanatomy and psychopathology.

Updated in 2011 and moved to a new host.

MRCPsych Help

MRCPsych Help (Website)

An interactive collection of ISQs, currently totalling 345. Requires Internet Explorer 5+ for all features, but there is a non-IE version. Looks a bit out-dated and navigation around the site is cumbersome.

Last updated: Not stated.

Simply Psychiatry

Simply Psychiatry (Website)

Lots of first-hand advice for the OSCE exam. Downloadable PDFs of information for many OSCE stations, providing background information on which to build skills.

Last updated: Not stated.

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