Defunct MRCPsych Courses

These courses have been removed from the main listings because they have ceased to function/ their websites have disappeared/ or no-one from the course has contacted me to indicate that they are still running.

If you are a course organiser and your course has incorrectly been placed in this section, please contact me and provide me with updated details on your course.

Superego-Cafe Critical Appraisal Course

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"We teach you everything you need to evaluate medical evidence. Critical appraisal is taught from first principles. We assume you have no prior knowledge. We use plain English to explain the meaning of research jargon."

The classroom course comes with a copy of 'The Doctor's Guide to Critical Appraisal' book, and online access to course materials for 2 months.

The course also comes in an online version and courses run in Hong Kong and Australia (early 2009 onwards).

Next Course (Updated 17/9/08) Cost:
19-20 September 2009 £235
6 December 2008 (London) £235
Removed from main site: 28/4/12
Cambridge Statistics Crash Course

Cambridge Statistics and Research Methods Crash Course

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"This course will thoroughly prepare candidates for the Statistics and Research Methodology components of the MRCPsych Papers 2 and 3.  The course will teach General Research Methodology and all specific research types e.g. RCTs, health economics, aetiology, qualitative research etc.  After each mini topic there will be MCQ/ EMQ practice and discussion.  The course will cover all statistical tests that are likely to come up in the exam, e.g. Mann-Whitney, multiple regression, and discuss how to interpret them and answer questions on them.  The statistics will be scattered through the day, presented together with the relevant study design, to keep it in small doses!  Teaching will include essential calculations, e.g. NNT, sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratio.  Candidates will have plenty of opportunities to practise them.  The course will conclude with MCQs and EMIQs that test knowledge across study designs, e.g. Which is the best statistical test to use in a specific situation?  What type of bias would occur in this situation?  Which is the most appropriate study design?

We will discuss more than 250 questions including MCQs and EMQs from the 2008 exams, the pilot exams, EMQs from previous exams, questions adapted from the old-style exam and questions written by the Cambridge team.  Full paper handouts will be given of questions; answers and explanations; and slides used to teach theoretical material.  Questions will be e-mailed to candidates before the course, so they can try them in advance if they so wish.

Sarah Devereux (
Tel: 01223 884 208.

Next Course (Updated 6/6/10) Cost:
15-16 May 2010 £300
Removed from main site: 28/4/12 (Now listed under the Cambridge Course)
eMRPsych Course


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A two-day course "providing training for the CASC in the exam format by experienced examiners and actors." Day one focuses on 'generic' single and linked stations, and day two focuses on 'specialty' single and linked stations. "Highlights include: Consultant led, including Royal College Examiners; Detailed written feedback for every station; Revised and updated stations; Small groups (not more than 4); and a full mock exam."

Maximum 24 places.

Early Bird Discount: Course fee £350 before 15/8/09.

Next Course (Updated 3/8/09) Cost:
26-27 September 2009 £400
Removed from main site: 28/4/12

COMPASS PsyCare: Weekend Interview Skills Course for the MRCPsych CASC

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"This course is not a weekend assembly line OSCE practice. There are many courses out there that will let you do that. You can practice with your friends and family free of charge, but without being totally comfortable in the basics of interview, you may be practising the wrong skills. Remember how never to learn driving by mimicking your dad? You only pick up what is bad! This course is not all about practising OSCEs although you will get plenty opportunity to do exactly that under examination conditions. All the actors have experience in doing role-play for CASC and GMC performance review OSCEs.

"At the end of day one, you will feel more confident in approaching the CASC component of the MRCPsych exam. At the end of day 2, you will definitely be more confident of the real CASC exam. You will also leave with a complimentary copy of a leading book on psychiatric assessment, and a DVD of your performance in each of the 16 stations will be in post. You will receive oral feedback on general matters on the day, and will receive detailed written feedback (with suggestions for improvement) within the week. You will also receive web links (secure) to access further training videos for those last moment practice."

Next Course (Updated 13/6/09) Cost:
3-4 October 2009 (Places limited to 16 candidates)
Removed from main site: 28/4/12
SPMM Course


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"It is a one-day teaching course focusing on different work place based assessments (ACEs, mini-ACEs, Case-Based Discussion, Case presentation, Journal Club Presentation and Direct Observation of Procedural Skills) in psychiatry for trainees from ST1-3 level.

The course features input from experienced assessors and role players involved in Royal College Pilot assessments, with clear demonstration of different WPBAs.The course also features clinical assessment of cases, formulating case history, planning management options for common psychiatric cases and it aims to help the candidates perform WPBAs confidently in a wide variety of clinical settings.

Separate sessions for journal club presentation covering research methodology, basic statistics and application of EBM (evidence based medicine) will be covered in detail. Detailed course materials will be provided for all WPBAs."

Contact Details: (07816) 908158;

Next Course (Updated 26/3/08) Cost:
6 September 2008 £150
Removed from main site: 28/4/12
Manchester Lilly Course

Manchester Lilly Revision Course

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"The Course was founded in 2000 and has been awarded the National Pharmaceutical Prize For Innovation 2004.

"We have consistently achieved a 98% pass rate and are committed to helping trainees succeed. There are combinations of consultants, college tutor and SpR’s from both clinical and academic backgrounds on the teaching team. Both didactic and interactive teaching in small groups are used to compliment different learning styles and therefore meet all trainees’ needs.

"A comprehensive CD-ROM containing all course material will be provided. There will also be the chance to practice mock OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) stations within small groups and receive feedback.

"The course consists of a interactive lectures ,innovative workshops,mock OSCE stations, and a mock OSCE exam under strict exam conditions with personal written feedback, including pass or fail."

The Course is held at the Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport.

Next Course Cost:
22nd April 2006
7th November 2006
Removed from main site: 4/1/08
PasTest MRCPsych Part I Course

PasTest MRCPsych Part I Course

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This well-established company offer 4-day part I courses covering the entire syllabus and exam technique. They also do one-day OSCE courses allowing candidates to do 4 OSCEs under exam conditions, and observe 24 stations in total.

Next Course Cost:
Written Exam Course: 17-19 February 2006
'OSCE Day': 1 April 2006


Removed from main site: 4/1/08
BAP course CourseScreenshot

British Association of Psychopharmacology

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A one-day course in Psychopharmacology and Basic Neuroscience focuses specifically on aiding preparation for the MRCPsych Part 1 and Part 2 examinations.

Next Course Cost:
3 March 2006

£200 (includes book)

Removed from main site: 4/1/08
Postal only

Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust

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Part 1 OSCE Course
This is a 12 station OSCE under exam conditions with a feedback session afterwards and will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Psychiatric Hospital on Saturday 29th September between 09:30 and 14:00.

For more details and to book a place, please contact Amanda Barber or Carol Bennett - Tel: 0121 678 2890 or e-mail

Next Course Cost:
29 September 2007 £200 (Candidates); £50 (Observers)
Removed from main site: 31/3/08
Simply MRCPsych

Simply MRCPsych

Galway, Eire Back to map

"Organized by Psychiatrists with huge experience in MRCPsych exams. Mock exams utilize material from the new MRCPsych curriculum. Designed to deliver the best preparation for the real exams."

Contact details and application form available on website. Postal applications only.

Next Course (Updated 10/4/08) Cost:

There has been no date provided for the CASC exam course for a number of months!

Removed from main site:14/5/08

C and J Clinical

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"C&J Clinical will be holding a course for the new MRCPsych examination which will start in Spring 2008. The basic tenets of the C&J course will be retained. Consequently, the C&J course will first teach the techniques required to pass different OSCE stations before going on to practice these stations. As far as we are aware this approach is not currently employed by any OSCE course and we look forward to our Spring 2008 course being as valued and successful as the current course. "

Basil C.Vining, Course Organiser,
C and J Clinical,
Forest Edge
Bury St.Edmunds
Suffolk IP28 6DW
Telephone: 01284 728485 Email:

Next Course (Updated 3/12/08) Cost:
Next course not listed.  
Removed from main site: 3/12/08
Bristol Critical Appraisal Course

Bristol Critical Appraisal Course in Psychiatry

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A Three-day course for the MRCPsych Paper 3 (Research Methods & Critical Appraisal) exam, consisting of small group seminars. Organised by the Academic Unit of Psychiatry at the University of Bristol.

"Teaching time: 20 hours consisting of short lectures and practical sessions in small groups in which participants will critically review published papers.

"Course material: You will be provided with a comprehensive handbook (on the first day of the course), which explains the key terminology used in critical appraisal. This will also contain copies of the lecturer’s slides, together with accompanying notes and practical exercises."

Please note that the course on 4-6 Feb '08 has been cancelled.

Next Course (Updated 4/1/08) Cost:
12-14 May 2008 £400
Removed from main site: 3/12/08
CEBMH - Part II Critical Review Course

Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health

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The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, in conjunction with the Centre for Evidence-Based Mental Health hold a two-day course "MRCPsych Part II Critical Review Paper Study Course" at the Department of Continuing Education, Ewert House, Ewert Place, Banbury Road, Oxford.

This course is aimed specifically at those preparing for the MRCPsych Part II Exam. Do you need to revise epidemiology AND practice critical review questions? This intensive two-day course will equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary for critically appraising diagnosis, prognosis, qualitative research, therapy, harm, aetiology, health economics and systematic review questions.

Apply on line at or by contacting:

Olive Goddard, Manager
Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine
Old Road Campus
Oxford OX3 7LF
Tel 01865 289337, Fax 01865 289336

Next Course (Updated 10/4/08) Cost:
Next course not listed. N/A
Removed from main site: 3/12/08
The OSCE Course

The OSCE Course

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"The latest results for the CASC were 36% with a requirement to pass 12 of the 16 stations. This is a challenging exam and our experienced consultant trainers and professional actors are committed to significantly increasing your chances of success. Our intensive weekend course provides non-stop CASC practice under exam conditions allowing us to coach on your performance and communication skills.  This together with our written material and individual feedback provides vital exam preparation.."

The course organisers also offer one-to-one coaching sessions.

Next Course (Updated 21/12/08) Cost:
28 February - 1 March 2009 £425
Removed from main site: 3/8/09
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