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The courses are now listed according to a number of factors which include: how often the organisers update me; and how 'active' the courses appear to be (website changes/ etc). Generally, when course organisers provide updated information the site is higher up in the list. New sites and updated sites will go to the top of the list. Sites that do not appear to have updated content for 9-12 months will be removed to here.

Note: The information provided about each course is, in most cases, that provided by the course organisers. For detailed information on course quality/ experience, please consult colleagues or check on forums such as those at superego-cafe.

Note for course organisers: Unfortunately, I don't have time to continually check for new dates for all courses - I rely on course organisers keeping me up-to-date. If your course details are out-of-date, please email me with new details.


Cambridge Course CourseScreenshot

The Cambridge Course UPDATED

Cambridge Back to map

This weekend course will be delivered by Dr. Paul Wilkinson, University Lecturer and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at the University of Cambridge.

He contributes Statistics and Research Methodology and Epidemiology questions for the MRCPsych Papers 2 and 3. He has been running a crash course for the MRCPsych Critical Appraisal exams since 2003. All presentations are available for course members as handouts.

The venue (Ida Darwin Hospital, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5EE) has free parking. Lunches and refreshments will be provided.

Max 22 people.

Further information:

Nicholas Morgan (
Tel: 01223 884024

Next Course (Updated 25/10/12) Cost:
Paper 3 (Statistics & Research Methods): 14-15 September 2013 £300
Cardiff CASC Training

Cardiff CASC Training New!

Cardiff Back to map

Cardiff CASC Training(CCT) leads the CASC exam training in Wales. We regularly organise CASC training in the form of CASC Workshop and Mock Exams, throughout the year.

We recently launched first-ever Mini-CASC Workshop, designed specifically to address pertinent issues related to communication skills. The CASC training events are tailored to help the candidates develop the necessary skills and competencies required to pass the Royal College exam. These sessions have gained a keen interest from psychiatrists all across the region.

Mock CASC Exam (Full 16 stations) New format - 20th June 2013, Cardiff ( Last few places remaining)

Mini-CASC Workshop - Next date to be announced.

For bookings , please complete the registration form on the website.

Next Course (Updated 7/6/13) Cost:
Mock Exam | 20 June 2013 £50
CASC Training Day | TBC TBC
Cognition for CASC course

Cognitions for CASC Updated

London Back to map

The 'Cognitions for CASC' training programme is a systematic and comprehensive  training initiative for the CASC component of the MRCPsych examination. The programme has 3 components aimed to deliver different levels of teaching and mentoring to support your CASC revision. 

Stage 1: A one day workshop aimed at developing essential skills and competencies for the CASC. This stage will empower you with the fundamental skills needed to start your CASC preparation.

Stage 2: An intensive weekend course with video recording and analysis of interview style, personalised feedback and practice, interactive style of teaching and small group (3 - 4 candidates) skills training. 

Stage 3: One to one coaching and mentoring to further enhance your skills and develop your competencies with an emphasis on boosting your confidence. This stage will use a personalised approach in order to fully prepare you for the CASC examination.

Next Course (Updated 5/6/13) Cost:
16 June 2013 (Stage 1) £50
29-30 June 2013 (Stage 2) £450
27-28 July 2013 (Stage 2) £450
10-11 August 2013 (Stage 2) £450

CNWL CASC Revision Course NEW Course!

London Back to map

In contrast to traditional CASC courses we have developed a course where trainees review their own performance as well as that of other trainees by videotaping CASC stations. Trainees are encouraged to think like CASC examiners so that they develop a greater understanding of how to improve their performance. Observational learning from videotaped scenarios are a powerful tool in gaining confidence and skills to pass the CASC and provide a novel approach that many other CASC courses do not offer.

The course begins with an introduction to the examiner's perspective and subsequently a simulated station will be videotaped for each participant. The course is run by 2 enthusiastic and experienced CASC examiners and takes place over 2 days. Due to the intensive nature of the course we can only accommodate 12 participants per day.

Next Course (Updated 3/5/13) Cost:
24-25 June 2013

£225 per day

Eastern Psych Course

Eastern Psych Course Updated

Online/Other Back to map

The Eastern Psych Course has a variety of resources including: online courses from £99 for 3 months; weekend CASC courses consisting of small group teaching; and video tutorials (coming soon).

The site also has Smart Cards covering CASC stations and these are compatible with most e-devices.

Update: Free videos are available to coincide with the release of the 2nd edition of the 'Pass the CASC' book.

Next Course (Updated 5/6/13) Cost:
20-21 July 2013 (Milton Keynes) £550
24 August 2013 (Mock Exam) £375
1 September 2013 (Mock Exam) £375
London CASC

The London CASC

London Back to map

The London CASC is set in West Middlesex University Hospital in West London near to Heathrow Airport.

Over the last several years it has become known to those who have attended as an intensely personal course that focuses on the candidates needs and offers not just quantity of stations to practice, but also quality in the discussions that follow each one. Not just a pass or fail but real in depth feedback on all aspects of the station. We concentrate on having small groups of 3 or 4 going through stations one by one with professional actors.

On Single station days you will be performing at least 1 in 3 stations and on Linked station days 1 in 2 stations, with 56 (you perform 23) stations carried out over an entire weekend. We believe small is best and that’s why we limit our group sizes so much. With just a few examiners all day, we also get to know you and your strengths and weaknesses. We’re proud of our testimonials and high pass rates and the personal, individual feel that our course gives to all those who have attended. Please have a look at us, at and we wish you luck in the coming exam.

Next Course (Updated 15/4/13) Cost:
10 August 2013 (Single stations)
11 August 2013 (Linked stations)

£300 per day

17 August 2013 (Single stations)
18 August 2013 (Linked stations)

£300 per day

Observer places for all dates £75 per day

PassAppraisaL Course

London Back to map

Nearly 40% of MRCPsych Paper 3 tests statistics and critical appraisal skills. This is the topic that most candidates want someone to teach personally.

We are conducting a small group one-to-one teaching weekend for MRCPsych statistics and critical appraisal.

You will receive uniquely prepared handouts to make revision easy and success almost guaranteed. You will also receive free access to nearly 300 MCQs and EMIs at our website.

The sessions will be led by Lena Palaniyappan, Associate Professor, Translational Neuroimaging in Psychiatry, University of Nottingham. He has been teaching statistics/critical appraisal for MRCPsych students since 2007.

For more details visit our website at:
The places are strictly limited to 25 on first come first serve – Booking required.

Preference will be given to candidates who had an unsuccessful attempt at Paper 3 exam. The course is held at the Kensington Olympia (Hilton), London.

Next Course (Updated 26/1/13) Cost:
9-10 March 2013 £395

North East London CASC Practice

London Back to map

North East London Casc Practice is a course designed to help you pass your CASC. We are mainly focused on the CASC. This course is Intensive and tailored to the needs of the candidates. Enthusiastic facilitators whose aim is to help you make the most of two days and reach your potential.

The course is a 2-day weekend Course from 9am to 5pm. We aim to do  around 30 stations. It also includes an extensive Question Bank given to you on the day.

Next Course (Updated 19/12/12 Cost:
Weekend course: 22-23 December 2012 £260
One-day attendance: 22 or 23 December 2012 £130


Online Back to map

"Pass your Royal College exams first time with PASSit, the new revision service from Oxford University Press. PASSit provides high quality questions with clear, detailed answers and explanations, to make sure the knowledge sinks in. There are tools to track your progress and target your revision, designed to make revision work for you. Give yourself the best chance, and revise with PASSit."

Courses are priced according to length of subscription (1 month - 4 months).

Courses (Online) Cost:
MRCPsych paper 1/ paper 2/ paper 3 (each) £20-£50
MRCPsych bundle (all exams) £50-£125
CASC Exam Practice

CASC Exam Practice

Bristol Back to map

"CASC Exam Practice Course (also popularly known as the Bristol CASC course) is an intensive weekend course held in Bristol. On Day 1, the candidates will have extensive tutorials and discussion on all the possible scenarios of the CASC exam. They can also bring complex stations to discuss with the examiners. There will be a separate tutorial for Forensic Psychiatry and a 'CRACK the CASC' lecture.

On Day 2, the candidates will do a mock CASC exam. Each candidate will perform 16 stations in two circuits of linked and individual stations under exam conditions. They will get 5 minutes individual written and verbal feedback from experienced examiners and professional actors in each station for linked stations and collective verbal feedback/individual written feedback for individual stations . The candidates will also attend an interview skills workshop and a physical examination workshop. We have included new 'Power Thinking' workshops which were very popular among candidates in the last diet of the exams.

Each candidate will perform 21 to 24 linked and individual stations and will observe other candidates perform an equal number of stations. The candidates will also observe an experienced assessor performing difficult and complex stations.

The candidates will get course materials which include comprehensive information and useful exam tips for 100 linked and individual stations.
We can accommodate only 16 candidates to ensure good quality feedback to candidates and give individual attention to each candidate. Candidates will be able to have individual sessions with the examiners to discuss their strengths and areas of improvement. We will provide telephone and email support after the course until the day before the candidate's CASC Exam."
To book a place in Bristol weekend course, Email:  or visit You can also contact Tracy Owen on (01380) 731259 or (07768) 712295.

The course organisers of CASC EXAM PRACTICE COURSE are pleased to inform that they are organising the CASC course in partnership with Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust's learning and development team. The course organisers are also pleased to have organised the CASC course for the Royal College of Psychiatrist's South West Division CASC course.

Next Course (Updated 17/10/12) Cost:
Bristol Weekend Course - 1-2 December 2012 £625
Psych Interview


Online Back to map"Psych Interview is a unique online course that combines psychiatric interview skills training, knowledge and practice all in one concept, whilst showing you exactly how to pass the MRCPsych CASC through a set of proven techniques.

The interview skills component (knows how) consists of 56 video interviews by a Consultant Psychiatrist with firsthand experience of MRCPsych and FRANZCP exams. All stations are developed from previous CASC and OSCE exams with varying degrees of complexity, helping you not only to pass the exam but also to excel in clinical practice. Over 600 minutes of video material shows you how to approach each case; be it history taking, consultancy type questions, explanation of a condition, or managing a difficult condition.

The knowledge component (knows) is imparted through buzzwords and downloadable evidence based lecture notes that supplement each scenario, providing clear and easy to follow guidance.

The third component is practice (shows how and does). Psych Interview offers you the ability to view the videos as many times as you want and rehearse the techniques in your own time. You can even revise on the go on your iPhone or iPad.

Also has access to 39 sets of lecture notes. "

Next Course Cost:
Online course: 3, 6, and 12 month subscription packages from $495 AUS (£300 approx)
Psych Evidence

Psych Evidence – Online Course

Online Back to map

Psych Evidence Online brings an exciting, interactive and visually engaging course straight to your home or office, with the opportunity to study and practice in your own time. Designed by psychiatrists with firsthand experience of the MRCPsych exams and extensive experience in teaching critical appraisal; it is the definitive and comprehensive learning centre for evidence based psychiatry and critical appraisal of research. You can revise as many times as you want until you ‘pass the exam quiz’ with flying colours. Psych Evidence is your ideal guide to pass the MRCPsych exam, covering material comparable to two whole days of teaching and training. It is divided into two main components, Tutorial and Quiz, totaling to approx. 12 hours of study.

Tutorial: The tutorial component consists of stimulating lecture slides, with a competent lecturer guiding you through each aspect of Critical Appraisal and summarising the important things to remember. The slides are supplemented with notes. All concepts are reinforced by worked examples that take you through the process in a step-by-step manner. What’s more; all used examples are real life research examples.

Quiz: After completing the tutorial component, you can apply all that you have learnt and test your knowledge with an interactive quiz that consists of five separate sections covering 300 questions (Best of 5 MCQ and Matching question format). Examples from journal papers, real exam questions; all supplemented with diagrams, tables and graphs, ensure that you understand the concepts in the best possible way. An explanation is given with each answer, referenced from over 25 renowned sources.

A free Psych Evidence online course taster is now available for free access on the web! This snapshot lecture of Critical Appraisal comes with a mini quiz and is accessible on request. Send a quick email to to receive the link and access code.

Next Course (Updated 23/2/12) Cost ($AUS):
Online Course (1,3, 6, and 12 months) $195-$595
Workshop (Australia only) $495
SPMM Course

SPMM Course

London Back to map
  • Improved and expanded question banks including over 8000 questions - the largest and most detailed of its kind in the UK
  • Weekend courses, online courses, mock exams for MRCPsych paper 1, 2 and 3
  • The SPMM Lecture Notes are fully revised and converted to bite-sized pdf files that can be printed by all online users.
  • 5 unique mock tests for each paper exam (200x5=1000 questions), Instant Mock exam feedback for online courses
  • CASC weekend courses, mock exam and CASC training videos (210 minutes- covering 21 stations) 
  • Course options available individually to allow candidates more control
  • An exciting new user friendly design for easy navigation with a prgress tracker tool
  • New course subscription management system
Next Course (Updated 21/1/12) Cost:
CASC Course: 28-29 July 2012 £650
Paper 1 course (inc. online access): 23 June 2012 £295
Paper 2 course (inc. online access): 12 March 2012 £295
Paper 3 course (inc. online access): 24-25 March 2012 £395
Online courses - unlimited access until exams (Please check their website) £99-299
Liverpool MRCPsych Course

Liverpool Psych Course

Liverpool Back to map

"We are proud to announce the launch of the CASC (Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies) course at Merseyside at Liverpool. Over the years we have analysed CASC exams, and the pass rate. We have worked on various candidates’ strength and weaknesses resulting in guiding them towards the MRCPsych.

We understand that candidates may wish to go to as many courses as possible and hence we are working towards providing the best course at affordable costs. We have hence incorporated the MOCK CASC within the course with no extra charge for the Mock CASC.

We hire professional simulators and expert examiners to provide you with excellent and valid feedback. We have excellent track record from CASC courses conducted. Please look into our testimonial section for detail feedback

We are running the course for 2 days, the first day will be the course with training and the second day will be the Mock CASC and workshops. 
On day 1, each candidate will get an opportunity to practice 4 stations (2 single and 2 linked) and observe 12 other stations. Immediate feedback will be given by the Examiners. The candidates will be given the opportunity to reflect on their own performance."

Next Course (Updated 6/11/11) Cost:
CASC: 3-4 December 2011 £350
South West Division CASC Course

Royal College of Psychiatrists South West Division CASC Course

Bristol Back to map

Drawing on the success of their CASC Exam Practice Course (previously known as the Bristol CASC Course) Dr Sabarigirivasan Muthukrishnan and Dr Suchitra Sabarigirivasan have joined forces with the Royal College of Psychiatrists South West Division to continue running this course under SWDT (South West Division Training).  This course has been timed prior to sitting your exams to identify and work on your areas of concern, taking the skills from the course and putting them into practice.

On day one candidates will move in small groups, perform 4-5 stations each and observe 12-15 stations being done by other candidates.  The candidates will cover CASC topics in General Adult Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Old Age Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Learning Disability Psychiatry having tutorials in each sub specialty.  In addition there will be an extensive tutorial in Forensic Psychiatry.

Day two, follows the model of the CASC exams (in terms of layout and timings) with the candidate working through 16 stations.  There will also be tutorials on interview skills and physical examination.

For all the exam practice the time allowed will be as in the real exam.  For the linked station there will be 2 minutes preparation and 10 minutes station time.  For individual stations there will be 1 minute preparation and 7 minutes station time.

The course will use professional actors and candidates will be assessed by experienced assessors.

We can accommodate only 16 candidates. This is to ensure good quality feedback to candidates and give individual attention to each candidate. Candidates will be able to have individual sessions with the examiners to discuss their strengths and areas of improvement.

Places are strictly on a first come first served basis.

We will provide telephone and email support after the course until the day before the candidate's Royal College CASC Exam.

The course is held at Coombe Lodge, Blagdon, North Somerset.

Full information and an application form can be obtained from:

Next Course (Updated: 23/9/11) Cost:
13-14 December 2011 £625


Online Back to map

Examdoctor is an online revision resource for medical students and trainee doctors containing revision material for 20 different courses and over 35,000 expert-authored questions.

Courses include MRCPsych Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Prices are dependent on duration of access and range from £30-35 for 30 days to £45-50 for 120 days. The courses claim over 1000 MCQs and EMIQs for the Part 1; 400 for the Part 2; and 400 for the Part 3.

A free 7-day trial period is available for courses.

You can get a 20% discount on courses by using the discount code 'TRICKCYCLISTS' at the checkout.

The Manchester Course CourseScreenshot

The Manchester Course

Manchester Back to map

Papers 1, 2 & 3: "The courses provides a comprehensive review of knowledge required for the exam. Teaching for the multiple choice question/ extended matching item paper is based on college questions collected by the course organisers over the last several years, subdivided into clinical specialities. Detailed explanatory handouts accompany the lectures. A mock exam completes your written paper preparation."

Online courses for Papers One, Two, and Three are also available.

Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Paper 1 Course: 6-7 November 2010 £325
Online Course From £99
Oxford Course

Neuroanatomy for Psychiatry

London Back to map

Anatomy Building, University College London, WC1
Course director: Dr Paul Johns, BSc BM MSc FRCPath   

- one-day advanced functional brain anatomy course.
- covers the neuroanatomy of memory, cognition and emotion.
- detailed discussion of cerebral cortex, basal ganglia and limbic system.
- includes diffuse neurotransmitter systems.
- excellent refresher course for consultants.
- ideal MRCPsych revision course for trainees.
Mean feedback score (Feb 2011): 4.9/5.0
Price includes refreshments.

Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Autumn 2012 - TBC £165
Newcastle Course

Newcastle Course

Newcastle Back to map

"The Newcastle Course is designed to assist candidates in preparation for the CASC paper of the MRCPsych exam. This intensive course has been developed with the aim of providing candidates with a mock exam experience as well as exposure to 32 different single and paired stations.
The course is run in a purpose built exam centre; uses professional actors; and experienced assessors. We focus on providing high quality feedback to candidates from a variety of sources including college examiners."

"There is also available an optional second day providing intensive feedback and additional coaching in small groups. This optional second day is limited in numbers to maintain the low numbers of candidates per tutor."

Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
3-4 December 2011 £550
Oxford Course

The Oxford OSCE/ MRCPsych Course

Oxford Back to map

"Oxford Psych course is an exam oriented intense weekend revision course conducted in Oxford. The pass rate for our candidates who appeared in the Autumn ’07 MRCPsych part 1 OSCE is 96% & MRCPsych part II Clinicals is 98%. Candidates from Hongkong, Singapore, UK, and Ireland who attended the recent CASC Course have given excellent feedback about our course after attending their exams. We are continuing to help candidates pass their Royal College exams. Our Paper I, Paper II, Paper III and the CASC courses are specially designed for the new format of MRCPsych exams conducted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The Oxfordpsych Paper 3 weekend course has been redesigned and examiners who actually were involved in setting up the Royal College Paper 3 critical appraisal questions would be teaching on the first day of the Paper 3 Course. We shall cover the individual specialities on Day2 of the Paper3 course. Our course material and questions are based on the recently held/past Royal college exams.

The OxfordPsych CASC Course is a weekend course designed primarily on the new CASC format using Royal college Examiners &professional role play actors who take part in the actual exams. We would be covering both individual and paired stations in our CASC Course to be held in Oct.

NEW! We have started streaming videos online showing single and paired stations. The stations were recorded in the Oxfordpsych CASC course May’08 and involve professional role players who actually took part in the CASC exam. Access to the videos is FREE!"

Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Clinical Skills Training: 28-29 July 2012 (Oxford) £595
Clinical Skills Training: 4-5 August 2012 (Dublin) £675
Clinical Skills Training: 18-19 August 2012 (Oxford) £595
Intensive Communication Skills Training: 14-15 July 2012 (Oxford) £695
Mock Exams (1/2 day courses): 1 & 2 September 2012 (Sheffield) £395

Courses are also available in Singapore:

Next Course - Singapore (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Clinical Skills Training: 9-10 June 2012 (Singapore) £595
Birmingham MRCPsych Course

The Birmingham Course Online

Online Back to map

The Birmingham Course stopped offering classroom-based courses in July 2009 and currently offer online courses only. They also provide online mock exams.

Cost is largely dependent on duration of subscription, and typical prices range from £79.99 (1 month) - £119.99 (6 months). Paper 3 mock exams (4 in total) are £39.

Next Course (Updated 28/4/12) Cost:
Paper 1 Course £79.99 - £119.99
Paper 2 Course £79.99 - £119.99
Paper 3 Course £59.99 - £179.99
CASC Course £24.99
Superego-Cafe Courses website

Superego-Cafe CASC Course

Manchester Back to map

"At the course you will be placed in a group with two other doctors. The groups are changed on the second day. Over two days you will be exposed to a mix of 60 standalone and linked stations, of which you will attempt at least 20 under exam conditions. Each station is carefully constructed at the appropriate level of complexity to expose deficiences in interview style should they exist. Generous time for individual feedback is incorporated into all parts of the course. At the end of the first day an optional review session takes place to illustrate the competencies required to pass the exam. You will significantly improve your performance by the end of the course."

Next Course (updated 28/4/12) Cost:
21-22 July 2012 £595


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