Books for Papers I and II


The following include books that were written for parts I and II of the old MRCPsych exam. Whilst many aspects of the exam haven't changed significantly, there have been some changes to the syllabus and you are advised to check that the book is the most up-to-date text for your needs.


Best of Five MCQs
Best of Five MCQs for MCRPsych Paper 1
Lena Palaniyappan, Rajeev Krishnadas

"Master MCQs, prepare for membership and get ahead in your psychiatry career with Best of Five MCQs for MRCPsych Paper 1. Matched to the new syllabus launched by the Royal College of Psychiatrists in Spring 2008, this book contains 450 Best of Five multiple choice questions to help you prepare for Paper 1 of the exam. The content corresponds with the MRCPsych curriculum, and has been extensively reviewed by trainees currently preparing for membership and their examiners.

Questions are grouped by topic, ideal for personal revision, enabling you to focus on the areas that need the most attention. The book provides detailed explanations and references to handpicked review papers and landmark studies, and page references to the major relevant textbooks to provide opportunities for wider study and a broader understanding. There is also a comprehensive introductory chapter on how to approach the Best of Five questions with useful tips on study planning and revision."

£24.95 | ISBN 978-0199550777 | 272pp | Paperback | November 2008

Blank Answer Sheet
Individual Statement Questions
Completed Answer Sheet
Answers with Explanations

2003, 72 pages, two-colour, soft cover, format 120 x 210 mm ISBN 1-85873-989-6

This is one of the first EMIQ books for the MRCPsych examinations. The editor, Albert Michael, has written several successful MRCPsych texts and is a consultant psychiatrist. He and his team of 16 international contributors have created a unique selection of 1001 questions spread over the 200 themes which form the MRCPsych syllabus.

Topics featured include: history * psychology * psychopathology * neurosciences * assessment & classification * clinical syndromes * organic psychiatry * investigations * psychological treatments * general pharmacology * physical treatments * adverse drug effects * management * developmental psychiatry * statistics research & methodology

£19.95, 1-85315-599-3, 256pp, Paperback, September 2004
525 ISQs in Psychopathology

"Forming part of the best selling and well respected Get Through series, Get Through MRCPsych Parts 1 & 2: 525 Individual Statement Questions in Psychopathology is an indispensable revision component. Psychopathology is one of the most frequent topics asked in the written components of both parts of the MRCPsych examination, making this title essential reading for any candidate undertaking the MRCPsych examination.

"Featuring 525 questions covering all aspects of the science of mental and behavioural disorders with all the answers supplemented with expanded explanations to help the learning process and containing ISQs covering all of the topics in the actual exam, this is one text that all candidates for the MRCPsych exam cannot be without."

£19.95,  1-85315-608-6,  152pp,  Paperback,  March 2006

This book contains some 600 different questions covering all the
sub-specialities of psychiatry. It is intended for use in conjunction with
the College Seminars series and will be of great benefit to all trainees as
well as established clinicians. The book will enable users to identify gaps
in their learning and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of

2003, 256pp, paperback, ISBN 1 901242 89 7, Price: £18.00

"This text contains information on how to study and succeed in the MRCPsych examination - both parts I and II. Topics include: MCQs with extended answers, essay questions and advice on answer technique, and how to succeed in the clinical examination."

1999, 176pp, paperback, ISBN-10: 1900603527, Price: £19.95

"Packed with over 1000 original questions, this book is an essential revision tool for candidates preparing for the MRCPsych Parts I and II written examinations. Offering both EMIs and individual statements compiled into mock examination papers, this compact volume offers questions on a broad range of topics in the actual exam format. Covering the width of the syllabus, it gives candidates both relevant and realistic exam practice. Answers are accompanied by explanations to aid revision, and the user-friendly layout encourages effective preparation."

2005, 225pp, paperback, ISBN-10: 0340904712, Price: £21.99

"The book is designed to be used in conjunction with a course of lectures in psychology and human development. By following the structure of the syllabus closely the book is most useful as a revision tool, so that areas on which the student may be unclear can be accessed quickly. The book takes the format of short paragraphs covering specific topics and lists of key points where appropriate. This fully revised second edition includes single question items following each section, similar to those used in the exam; the answers are provided. Further reading is suggested and the reading list of the Royal College of Psychiatrists provided."

Aug 2002, 198pp, paperback, ISBN-10: 0340809116, Price: £22.99

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