Books for the Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC)

Pass the CASC (Seshni Moodliar)

"It is an essential revision tool for all candidates preparing for the CASC examination. This book provides 150 linked and single scenarios with detailed explanations. They have been peer reviewed by a team of psychiatrists who are experts in their field and cover a range of subspecialities. Candidates would benefit by using the format given in the book to analyse every case they see in their day to day work, whether it be in outpatients, wards, crisis situations, A&E, as if they were CASC stations. This book highlights the issues that need to be addressed before the candidate encounters CASC stations."

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£25.00 | January 2012 | ISBN 978-0956994103 | 642 pages | Paperback

How to Pass the MRCPsych
How to Pass the MRCPsych
Andrew Iles, Rose Woodall, and Flavia Leslie
  • The first book designed and written specifically for the new CASC element of the MRCPsych exam
  • Covers the range of skills which need to be demonstrated, from history-taking to management, including the latest clinical guidelines
  • Contains ten mock examinations which can be sat in exam-like conditions

Following the recent changes to the psychiatry training curriculum by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, this is the first book of its kind specifically written to offer revision support for the new Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) exam.

It combines practical information with invaluable suggestions of how one might phrase particular questions and direct the conversation during the client interview. It confidently summarises history-taking, mental state examination, clinical management, risk management, diagnostic criteria as well as key clinical guidelines. It also includes a large bank of mock examination scenarios for candidates to practice. As part of the Oxford Specialty Training, series it complements and cross-references to Training in Psychiatry in addition to other key titles.

£24.95 | March 2010 | ISBN 978-0-19-957170-3 | 232 pages | Paperback

MRCPsych: Passing the CASC Exam
Justin Sauer (Editor)

Published May 2009

"MRCPsych: Passing the CASC Exam is a vital revision tool which offers more than 80 OCSE-type questions for practice, enabling you to approach the exam with confidence.

This 'must-have' revision guide is written by a team of experts in all the major subspecialties of psychiatry that are covered in the CASC exam, and it is edited by Justin Sauer, consultant psychiatrist and organiser of The OSCE Course - so you can be sure of high quality content.

Each OSCE question is followed with full explanations of what the examiners will be looking for so that you are able to effectively practise and tailor your answers in order to pass the exam - turning you from a 'good' candidate to an outstanding one!

£24.99 | ISBN 978 0 340 98194 8 | May 2009 | 288 pp | Paperback | 25 illus |
OSCEs in Psychiatry - Albert Michael
OSCEs in Psychiatry
Edited by Albert Michael

Contains 60 example scenarios, covering many different skills. Each 'station' takes the reader through an example conversation, helping the candidate to develop a comprehensive style to the OSCE. Includes detailed checklists to ensure that nothing is missed.

OSCEs in Psychiatry

OSCEs in Psychiatry is a practical guide for candidates preparing for the Observed Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) of the MRCPsych. The first part of the book gives tips on preparing for and passing the exam. The second part explores the skills tested in the different OSCE 'stations' that a candidate is likely to encounter.

The book is backed up by an accompanying CD-ROM, on which interactive video footage allows prospective candidates to experience 'virtual' OSCE stations and test their own performance.

- Tips for trainees on how to pass the OSCE exam.
- Exploration of the full range of skills that might be tested in the OSCE.
- Includes free interactive CD-ROM.

20.00 | ISBN 1 904671 17 9 | Paperback of 208pp + CD-ROM | Feb 2005
MRCPsych: Preparation for the CASC (Murthy, 2008)

Please note that reports coming from individuals who have purchased this book suggest that there are very little differences between this edition and the previous edition (Get Through MRCPsych Part 1: Preparation for the OSCEs). I have not been able to compare them myself. Although there is a new preface, and apparently a new chapter, there are allegedly no linked stations and no specialty stations. You can read customer reviews at

"Get Through MRCPsych: Preparation for the CASC is an essential revision tool for all candidates preparing for this new exam. This book provides 62 questions and answers based on a broad variety of syllabus topics and at a range of levels of complexity. It offers helpful hints and tips on what to expect and how to negotiate the exam successfully.

Get Through MRCPsych: Preparation for the CASC will not only prepare you for the examination, but will also help you face clinical situations confidently and effectively. The author, Sree Prathap Mohana Murthy, has passed the MRCPsych examination and has been running an OSCE/CASC course in London since 2005."

Featured topics include:

- History taking
- Counselling about a particular disease or drug
- Physical examination
- Risk assessments
- Discussing treatment options
- Discussing management plans
- Interpretation of investigations
- Procedural skills

9781853158766,  272pp,  Paperback,  April 2008

This text is aimed at pre-Part 1 trainees, junior psychiatrists, psychiatric libraries and consultant psychiatrists (conducting mock exams for trainees). The book is structured in a practical way covering the areas that could be covered in the examination. The book is divided into four sections: History-taking skills; Examination skills; Procedure skills and Communication skills. Forty-five sample questions are covered in these sections covering various aspects of psychiatric practice with instructions for candidates and actors. Each question also has model answers and a marking grid for examiners.

The text is divided into three sections looking at history-taking, communication and examination and procedural skills. Forty-five sample questions are provided covering the various aspects of psychiatric practice with instructions for candidates and actors. Each question also has expanded model answers and a marking grid for examiners to enable the book to be used in practice sessions. Useful references are given throughout.

Introduction, Schizophrenia and heroin, Unwell after childbirth, Resistant schizophrenia, Financial affairs, Delirium, Overdose at age 81, Confused and not coping, A complicated case, School non-attendance, Assault, After trauma, Bipolar depression, Remand prisoner, Down's syndrome, Gender reassignment, Cannabis and psychosis, An unteachable child, Girl losing weight, Driving, Resistant depression.

2000, 48 pages, two-colour, soft cover, format 210 x 120 mm, ISBN 1-85873-905-5

Introduction, Cognitive behaviour therapy, Electroconvulsive therapy, Damp cramp, The sick doctor, Head injury, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Seizures, Difficult depression, Depression & delirium, At knife point, Wants to fly, Losing weight, Opiates & pregnancy, Refusing treatment, Self-harm, Jealousy, Revolving door, Asperger's, Sexual offence, Suicide

2001, 48 pages, two-colour, soft cover, format 210 x 120 mm, ISBN 1-85873-900-4
Long Case Presentations - Sree Murthy

"Broken down into easy-to read chapters, this text covers all of the different components in the actual exam. Highlighting the areas to be focused on, in order to pass the long case presentation, each task is discussed in detail in the relevant chapters. Candidates are provided with useful recommendations when examining a patient within the time constraints and are offered invaluable tips on how to organise their thoughts before the interview with the examiners. This book will not only allow candidates to prepare for the examination but will also help them to face clinical situations confidently and effectively."

£22.50,  1-85315-684-1,  164pp,  Paperback,  August 2006
Patient Management Problems in Psychiatry
Olumuyiwa John Olumoroti, Akim Abimbola Kassim

"A book on patient management problems in psychiatry aimed at trainee psychiatrists sitting the MRCPsych and similar examinations which allows self-testing by the candidate and gives advice on framing an answer together with complete model answers."

2005, paperback, 564pp, ISBN-10: 0443101612, Price: £33.99

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