Making this site accessible

A concerted effort has been made to make this site 'Accessible' as far as possible. Read more about the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Pages are currently being re-checked against the Level 'A' priorities using A-Prompt, free software which allows you to specify the WAI Priorities you wish to check for, and correct them. All pages with the logo currently comply with Level 'A'.

Which parts of the site may have issues with accessibility?

The exceptions are:

  1. All the PDFs prior to 5 January 2004. New PDFs will be accessible, as will all updates after this date. Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 has a number of features to enhance accessibility. For more information, please go the Adobe Accessibility Pages.
  2. The MCQ pages, which incorporate extremely large tables, making adaptation excessively time-consuming. Sorry.
  3. The 'Pocket-psych' pages, which by their nature, have been designed to be viewable on a Pocket PC and so efforts have not been made to ensure these pages are accessible. Feel free to modify them!

Valid HTML code for this, and other sites

This website is constructed using validated HTML and CSS throughout. You may be interested to read more about why this has been done and compare different MRCPsych websites for valid code on this page about validation - you might be surprised at how few sites use valid code.

Identifying issues

If for any reason some of the pages cause problems, please let me know so that they can be rectified as soon as possible.

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